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Creative by Scissor Films on how we can partner with Maxon 
to bring the ZBrush commercial to life


Maxon will be bringing the 3D digital sculpting tool ZBrush to the convenience of every artist with it’s new application for iPad and tablets. The advertisement will call upon real ZBrush artist to have their work showcased with the user-friendly and customizable features of the app.

Scissor Films has extensive expertise in utilizing Maxon to bring its world renowned technology to our visually compelling content. Our approach for this campaign will integrate our traditional production background with our XR stage. Utilizing virtual production creates a comprehensive workflow for filmmakers from pre to post production, allowing to empower artistic potential, similar to the new possibilities the ZBrush to iPad application will deliver. We’ll not only highlight the product’s capabilities, but also captivate your target audience. Our enhanced approach and attention to detail will make this a perfect partnership to bring the artist unlimitless potential to life.

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Scissor Films is a full service creative agency and studio, offering everything from pre production planning to post-production. We handle pre-visualization, CGI, editing, visual effects, and more—all in-house. Our goal is simple: bring your vision to life with precision and creativity. From commercials to virtual reality, we're here to bring your ideas to life.

About Us

Scissor Films is a full service creative agency and studio, offering everything from pre production planning to post-production, film, production, and virtual production. We handle pre-visualization, CGI, editing, visual effects, and more—all in-house. Our goal is simple: bring your vision to life with precision and creativity. From commercials to virtual reality, we're here to bring your ideas to life.

For iPad


Scene 1 : Home on the Couch 

Home on the Couch


The scene begins with a camera smoothly pushing in towards our actor, seated on a couch and deeply engrossed in sculpting on an iPad using the ZBrush app. This initial shot, intimate and inviting, seamlessly transitions into a closer view, revealing the intricate details of the digital creation process, perfectly setting the stage for a deeper dive into the actor's artistic journey.

Scene 1: Home on the Couch

Close ups

As the camera moves in closer on a motorized dolly and head, we shift to a series of detail shots that capture the actor's focused expression, the subtle movements of their fingers across the iPad, and the evolving digital sculpture in the ZBrush app. These close-ups not only highlight the complexity and beauty of the artwork but also the artist's deep engagement and skill, creating a vivid, intimate portrait of creativity in action.

Scene 1: Casting

The Weekend Artist

Appearance: A young, relaxed individual in their late 20s, wearing comfortable loungewear. Their hair is casually styled, and their expression is one of concentration and joy as they delve into their passion project on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Environment: Surrounded by sketches and art books scattered around the living room, with a cup of tea or coffee within reach on the coffee table.

Actions: Using ZBrush for iPad, they meticulously sculpt a character for their latest digital art piece, occasionally pausing to sip their drink or glance at a reference book, embodying the joy of creative exploration in their personal sanctuary.

The Freelance Digital Sculptor

Appearance: Mid-30s professional, dressed in smart casual attire suitable for a video call. Their workspace is a blend of comfort and functionality, with an ergonomic pillow on the couch and a small, stylish side table for their iPad.

Environment: The living room doubles as a makeshift studio, with a large monitor on a stand for when detailed work is needed, but currently tucked away to keep the space open and airy.

Actions: Engrossed in refining a client's project, they demonstrate the power of ZBrush for iPad by zooming in on intricate details of the sculpture, occasionally reviewing notes from their client on a nearby notepad, showcasing their professional workflow within a comfortable home setting.

The Art Student Practicing Skills

Appearance: An early 20s art student, wearing their favorite oversized hoodie and leggings, with headphones around their neck. Their hair is pulled back into a messy bun, highlighting a face full of determination and focus.

: The couch is their preferred spot, surrounded by digital art textbooks, an iPad stand for stability, and natural light streaming through nearby windows.

Actions: They are deeply focused on practicing sculpting techniques, alternating between swiping on the iPad and consulting online tutorials on a laptop beside them. The scene captures their process of learning and applying new skills, occasionally pausing to jot down notes or ideas in a sketchbook lying on the couch.

Scene 2 : Office/Studio

Scene 2: Studio


Pulling back, we capture a wide shot of the actor in a bustling creative studio, their focus intently on an iPad as they navigate the ZBrush app among an array of artistic projects. Bathed in natural light, this scene encapsulates the vibrant energy of the studio, seamlessly blending individual digital creation with the collaborative and inspirational environment of their creative sanctuary.

Scene 2: Casting

The Established Concept Artist

Appearance: In their early 40s, this artist exudes confidence and creativity, dressed in semi-formal studio wear that blends professional with personal style—think tailored pants and a creative, artistically inspired shirt. Accessories like a sleek watch and personalized sketchbook convey a blend of precision and creativity.

Environment: Their studio is a well-lit, spacious room with large windows, featuring a blend of traditional and digital art tools. An impressive array of action figures and art pieces line the shelves, serving both as inspiration and decoration.

Actions: They are seen transitioning from sketching on their iPad to refining their designs on a high-end desktop setup. The process is fluid and confident, with the artist occasionally stepping back to view their work from a distance, showcasing their experience in creating concepts that bridge the gap between initial ideas and polished digital artwork.

The Indie Game Developer

Appearance: A dynamic, mid-30s individual with a casual, geeky vibe, wearing a graphic tee featuring a classic video game character, comfortable jeans, and sneakers. Their workspace is personalized with memorabilia from various game franchises and indie developer conferences.

Environment: A compact, efficient setup with dual monitors, a drawing tablet, and an iPad within easy reach. Post-it notes with code snippets and game design ideas are stuck around the workspace, reflecting a chaotic yet creative process.

Actions: Focused intensely on their iPad, the developer sketches out a new character design before seamlessly transferring it to their desktop to integrate into the game they’re developing. The scene captures their multitasking ability, switching between coding on one screen and refining art on the other, all while consulting notes and references on their iPad.

The Architectural Designer

Appearance: A sophisticated, late-30s professional dressed in smart business casual—a crisp button-down shirt and tailored trousers. Their appearance is neat, with a minimalist watch and sleek glasses that reflect their attention to detail and design.

Environment: The office is modern and stylish, with architectural drawings and 3D models displayed on the walls. A large, clean desk hosts a high-performance computer setup alongside the iPad, which lies next to a digital pen and a cup of artisanal coffee.

Actions: They are meticulously transferring a conceptual 3D model from their iPad to the desktop software, where they further refine the design with precision tools. Their process is methodical and precise, with frequent zoom-ins on both devices to adjust details, showcasing their commitment to marrying aesthetic design with functional architecture.

Scene 3 : Classroom



The scene opens in a classroom or lecture hall, where our actor sits working away on their iPad, utilizing the Brush app with intense focus. Amidst the academic setting, their concentration on digital creativity stands out, highlighting the contrast between their solitary pursuit and the surrounding scholarly activity.

Scene 3: Casting

The Enthusiastic Art Teacher

Appearance: A vibrant and energetic individual in their early 30s, known for wearing brightly colored clothes that match their expressive personality. Accessories like funky glasses or unique jewelry pieces complement their creative spirit. Their approachable demeanor is highlighted by a constant smile and animated gestures.

Environment: A classroom alive with student artwork, digital screens, and inspirational quotes about creativity and innovation. The teacher's desk is orderly yet inviting, with a digital tablet, lesson plans, and a jar of colorful pens for grading or note-taking.

Actions: Moving around the classroom with an iPad in hand, they provide one-on-one guidance to students working on digital sculptures. Their teaching method is hands-on, offering tips on technique and encouraging creative exploration, demonstrating features like real-time feedback and the undo/redo history to foster a supportive learning environment.

The Dedicated Digital Art Student

Appearance: A focused and ambitious art student in their late teens, sporting a casual yet stylish look with graphic tees featuring digital art or band logos, comfortable jeans, and sneakers. Their backpack is adorned with pins and patches of their favorite art software and bands, reflecting their personal interests and identity.

Environment: Positioned at a desk surrounded by peers, their workspace is a clutter of sketchbooks, digital tablets, and personal items like a water bottle and headphones. The classroom itself is a modern space filled with technology and resources for digital art creation.

Actions: Intently working on a ZBrush project on their iPad, they experiment with various sculpting tools and techniques learned in class. They occasionally pause to exchange ideas with classmates or to seek feedback from the teacher, showcasing their eagerness to learn and improve their digital sculpting skills.

Group of Students

Appearance: A diverse and dynamic group of students, each with their own unique style, ranging from streetwear to more eclectic and artistic outfits. This mix reflects the variety of personalities and backgrounds in the classroom, united by their passion for digital art.

Environment: Gathered around a large table equipped with iPads and digital pens, the group is a microcosm of creativity and collaboration within the larger classroom setting. Their area is peppered with notes, reference materials, and personal touches like sketches and inspirational images.

Actions: Engaged in a group project, they take turns demonstrating different ZBrush for iPad features to each other, such as layering systems and customizable brushes, while collectively working on a single piece. Their interaction is a blend of learning, teaching, and creative expression, highlighting the communal and supportive atmosphere of the classroom.

Scene 4 : On Set



The scene opens with a wide shot of the actor on a busy movie set, immersed in sculpting on the ZBrush app with their iPad. As the camera slowly pushes in, the background fades, zooming into close-up shots that reveal the intricate details of their digital modeling work, showcasing the seamless blend of traditional filmmaking and advanced digital artistry.

Scene 4: Casting

The Weekend Artist

Appearance: A seasoned professional in their late 30s, they dress in smart, functional clothing that exudes a creative flair—perhaps a well-fitted jacket with unique accessories that hint at their artistic sensibilities. Their practical yet stylish outfit is completed with durable boots for moving around on set.

Environment: The bustling set of a movie production, filled with crew, equipment, and props. Amidst the organized chaos, their workspace is a portable setup with an iPad on a stand, surrounded by concept art and notes.

Actions: They are constantly on the move, using ZBrush for iPad to make real-time adjustments to digital set designs and character models. Collaborating closely with the visual effects team, they seamlessly bridge the gap between the physical and digital aspects of the production, ensuring the director's vision is realized with precision.

The Dynamic Visual Effects (VFX) Specialist

Appearance: In their early 30s, this tech-savvy specialist prefers comfort and efficiency, wearing graphic tees featuring iconic VFX works, cargo pants with pockets for gear, and comfortable sneakers. Their look is casual but professional, with a pair of high-quality headphones around their neck for focusing on detailed work.

Environment: On the digital side of a film or TV show set, surrounded by monitors and the latest tech. Their mobile workstation is equipped with an iPad and a laptop, allowing for flexibility and mobility on the dynamic set.

Actions: Focused on creating and modifying visual effects on-the-fly, they use ZBrush for iPad to sculpt and tweak 3D models based on the director's feedback. Their ability to make quick, detailed changes showcases the power of digital tools in enhancing visual storytelling, often gathering a small audience of intrigued crew members as they work.

The Concept Artist Turned Set Designer

Appearance: A creative force in their mid-40s, blending the worlds of traditional art and modern digital design. They often wear layers and fabrics that reflect their artistic taste, along with comfortable shoes for the long hours spent on set.

Environment: Transitioning between the quiet of their design studio and the lively atmosphere of the film set, their presence is marked by a trail of sketches, models, and digital devices, including their indispensable iPad.

Actions: Utilizing ZBrush for iPad, they bring fantastical elements to life, sculpting intricate props and set pieces that will later be constructed by the production team. Their process is both solitary and collaborative, as they spend time immersed in their creations but also engage with directors, producers, and construction teams to ensure the set accurately reflects the envisioned world.

Scene 5 : Outside



The scene unfolds with the actor seated in a serene grassy field, focused in their iPad and the ZBrush app. Amidst the tranquil surroundings, they intricately craft their digital masterpiece. As the camera captures this picturesque moment, we seamlessly transition to close-up shots, zooming in on the actor's hands as they navigate the digital canvas with precision. These intimate details showcasing the the UI elements of the Zbrush app.

Scene 5: Casting

The Urban Sketcher

Appearance: A young, energetic artist in their early 20s, known for their eclectic style that mixes vintage and modern urban wear. They often accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat and carry a messenger bag filled with art supplies alongside their iPad.

Environment: Found in the heart of the city, sitting on a folding stool with their iPad propped on their knees, amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life. The background is a blend of historic buildings and contemporary architecture, providing a rich tapestry of visual inspiration.

Actions: They capture the essence of city life through digital sculptures on ZBrush for iPad, focusing on creating a series of statues inspired by the diverse people and architecture around them. Their process is dynamic, pausing only to observe their surroundings more closely or to chat with curious passersby, embodying the spirit of urban art and exploration.

The Nature-Inspired Digital Artist

Appearance: In their mid-30s, this artist has a relaxed, bohemian vibe, often wearing loose, comfortable clothing that's easy to move and sit in for hours outdoors. Their appearance is complemented by practical hiking boots and a sun hat, ready for any outdoor adventure.

Environment: Seated on a rock or bench in a serene park or forest setting, surrounded by the natural beauty of trees, flowers, and wildlife. Their iPad is their window to blending the natural world with digital artistry.

Actions: Drawing inspiration from the environment, they use ZBrush for iPad to sculpt organic forms that mirror the intricate details of nature, from textured bark to delicate petals. Their workflow is peaceful and meditative, often taking breaks to simply soak in the ambiance and find new inspiration in the flora and fauna around them.

The Traveling Freelancer

Appearance: A digital nomad in their late 20s, with a penchant for comfort and functionality, dressed in smart travel gear that includes a lightweight jacket with pockets for gadgets, comfortable walking shoes, and a durable backpack carrying their iPad and other essentials.

Environment: Working from various outdoor locations, from café terraces in bustling market squares to quiet seaside promenades, each offering a new backdrop and source of inspiration for their digital creations.

Actions: They use ZBrush for iPad to work on freelance projects, seamlessly integrating work and travel. Whether it’s sculpting a new piece for a client or experimenting with personal projects inspired by their travels, they leverage the flexibility of the iPad to blend work with the exploration of new cultures and landscapes, frequently sharing their process and inspirations on social media to a following of art and travel enthusiasts.

For iPad


We believe that leveraging both practical and virtual sets will bring this project to life

For iPad


We believe that leveraging both practical and virtual sets will bring this project to life

Our Approach

Virtual Production Approach

Shooting the on-set and outside scenes on virtual production would be the best route because it offers us the unique advantage of shooting in a controlled environment, ensuring uncompromised quality and realism specifically for these scenes. This method allows us to tailor every element of the shoot to match the precise vision, eliminating the logistical constraints typically associated with on-location shooting.

Virtual Production Test

We ran a quick test of the "on-set" scene on our virtual production stage, digitally recreating the set and characters. This allowed us to instantly visualize camera angles, lighting, and character interactions, refining the scene for maximum impact. Leveraging our virtual setup, we obtained a clear preview of the final shot, ensuring a seamless and captivating production.

Our Approach

Practical set design

Our XR stage is able to seamlessly integrate with any practical components necessary in creating a realistic environment.

Our Approach

Why Virtual Production

A benefit of our XR stage is our seamless integration of Unreal Engine, allowing us to create any environment imaginable in real-time. Our UE levels are displayed directly in camera. Instead of waiting until post-production to perfect every shot—our clients have the power to see their vision come to life instantaneously. With the ability to make on-the-fly adjustments until every detail matches their exact specifications, the creative possibilities are endless.


With the XR stage, the only limit to your set design is your imagination. We can build a set as big as needed with set pieces in 3D, saving costs on production design.

Dynamic Lighting

Our customizable DMX lighting can mimic natural lighting at any time of the day.


Regardless of weather, the crew will be able to comfortably film with all of our facilities at their convenience.


On location Approach

Shooting  the classroom, home, and office scenes on physical locations will bring a sense of realism to the video as well as showcasing Zbrush’s versatility and accessibility.

Shooting on physical sets for scenes like classrooms, homes, and offices adds realism to our video and showcases Zbrush's versatility. This approach appeals to a diverse audience, including artists, parents, and children, by emphasizing the convenience of capturing creative ideas anytime, anywhere. By demonstrating Zbrush's compatibility with iPads, we offer a compelling alternative to traditional entertainment options like video games or social media. This approach also highlights Zbrush's distinctiveness from its traditional computer-based usage, making it more accessible on the go.

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Just drag, drop and make your first MRR faster.

The incorporation of state-of-the-art technology in Elements_Efi has allowed for a level of precision and accuracy that was previously unattainable, making it an invaluable tool for professionals and hobbyists alike.


Scene 1: Home on the Couch

Option 1

Cozy Room

Option 2

Modern at night

Option 3

Modern at day

For the couch scene at home, we're considering three options: a cozy room for warmth and comfort, a modern room at night for intimacy, and a modern room during the day for a fresh, airy vibe. Each setting offers a unique ambiance, allowing us to capture the scene's mood and narrative visually.

Scene 2: Office/Studio

Option 1

Agency Studio

Option  2

Home Office

Option 3

Minimalistic Studio

For the office/studio scene, we're considering three options: an agency studio, a home office, and a minimalistic studio. Each offers a unique atmosphere—dynamic and collaborative, comfortable and familiar, or clean and focused—allowing us to match the scene to the narrative and visual style effectively.

Scene 3: Classrooms

Option 1


Option  2

Lecture hall

Option 3

Study hall

For the classroom scene, we're considering three options: a traditional classroom, a lecture hall, and a study hall. Each offers a unique ambiance—intimate and focused, formal and expansive, or quiet and contemplative—allowing us to match the scene to the narrative and visual style effectively.

Our Studio

We are a full service creative agency offering a seamless solution for all production needs. With our cutting-edge XR stage, we unlock endless creative opportunities while streamlining the post-production workflow to save both time and expenses. Our state-of-the-art producer bays are fully equipped, enabling our team to handle all aspects of production in-house, including editorial work, color grading, visual effects, finishing touches, and beyond.

30x50 XR stage

Editorial Bay

Color Bay

Producer Room


HMU room

Conference room


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