Justin Bieber
2022 Tour

Case study

Story Board

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Story Boards

Guided by detailed storyboards, Scissor Films brought Justin Bieber's 2022 Tour Opener vision to life. Crafting each scene, we ensured alignment with Bieber's creative direction.


Using the provided storyboards, Scissor Films crafted 3D pre-visualizations for the Tour Opener. These guided our production process, ensuring seamless alignment between concept and execution.

Film SEt

Scissor Films rose to the challenge of Justin Bieber's tight schedule by crafting five unique scenes within a 5000-square-foot building. With innovative use of space and meticulous planning, we ensured smooth transitions between sets. From set construction to lighting and sound coordination, every detail was carefully orchestrated to maximize efficiency. Despite the constraints, our dedication to quality shone through, capturing Bieber's vision with precision and creativity.

Live Compositing

Scissor Films relies on Unreal Engine for live compositing, offering a real-time preview of the final product directly on set. This innovative approach aids the Director of Photography (DP) in planning camera movements and setting up lighting for each scene with precision.

Space Scene

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Forest Scene

Building a physical forest set against a blue screen backdrop, we seamlessly blended the tangible with the digital in post-production. This innovative technique created a mesmerizing forest landscape that came to life on screen. We also create 3D butterflies with our team that Justin interacted with, further immersing viewers.



3D Butterfly


Space Scene

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Our team meticulously crafted the entire space scene, complete with soaring meteors and a captivating planet that draws Justin into its world.


Utilizing practical grass elements in the shot, our team seamlessly extended the landscape with cutting-edge visual effects, enhancing the scene's grandeur and immersing viewers in its expansive beauty.

Cliff Scene

The cliff scene was meticulously crafted by our team in Unreal Engine. From the rolling hills to the vibrant hues of the setting sun, our team  into every detail of this majestic landscape. As Bieber's journey unfolds against this stunning backdrop.

Ocean Scene

Utilizing advanced VFX, our team extends the ocean horizon to convey Bieber's isolation, creating a sense of raw vulnerability. Adding to the intensity, we craft towering 3D waves that crash as the scene transitions to a breathtaking sunset.

Ocean Scene

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The show

Our work for the Justin Bieber's Justice World Tour were seen by millions all over the world.

VFX Breakdown