Yeat - Out thë way (Directed by Cole Bennett)

Yeat - Out thë way

Song Produced by bnyx

Directed by Cole Bennett

Virtual Production - Scissor Films

EP - Sam Malko

VP Producer - Joe Grayem

VP Coordinator & UE Artist - Tyler Mammoser

Yeat - Out thë way

Case Study


After about a year of working on technology that would allow artists to be in and out of the studio within 20 minutes, we decided to test it out on YEAT for his “Out the way” music video. With just one take of YEAT, we were able to craft an entire apocalyptic theme park carnival backdrop that also tied in elements from his previous “Poppin” music video. With the final touches of grain, motion blur, and some in and out focus flicker, the video was shot, edited, and live within three days.

The “Out the Way”  music video required a post-apocalyptic world to serve as the backdrop for the story. To create this world, we used virtual production techniques that combined practical and digital elements. We used motion capture technology to film live action footage of a barren wasteland, while using lightweight 3D models to add detail and scale to the environment. Additionally, we manipulated photos and textures to create an eerie atmosphere and applied color grading effects to give scenes a more somber feel.

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Virtual Production

By using virtual production, our projects can be completed at an accelerated rate without sacrificing quality. It also allows our clients, such as YEAT, to save time and money in comparison to traditional production methods. Virtual production utilizes pre-generated computer graphics (CG) assets or augmented reality tools that are generated ahead of time. This eliminates the need for a physical set and the associated costs, allowing our clients to allocate resources elsewhere. Additionally, virtual production allows multiple shots of different scenes or locations to be captured in one take—saving time otherwise spent on moving equipment as well as resetting lighting fixtures etc. Visual effects processes are also expedited and can be completed during post-production if desired. Overall, virtual production offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods where results can be achieved quicker with more flexibility for creativity along the way.

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VFX Breakdown