Jack Black - Peaches (Directed by Cole Bennett)

We had a pleasure of doing VFX on “Peaches” (from The Super Mario Bros. Movie) by Jack Black Official Music Video. We were responsible for doing 3d Environments and set extensions on this video.

Director and Editor: Cole Bennett

Director of Photography: Franklin Ricart

Production Designer: Cody Fusina

VFX: Scissor Films

3D Titles: Reduciano

Color Grade: Bryan Smaller with Company 3

Executive Producer: Jake MillanCo Producer: J-T Ladt

Head of Production: Krista Worby

Jack Black - Peaches (Directed by Cole Bennett)

Case Study

Sitting at 14 million views a mere 10 days since its release, Peaches by Jack Black for the Super Mario Bros movie has already proven itself to be a super smash hit. We were honored to do VFX work on the song, which is a tribute to the character Princess Peach, and features Jack Black's signature humor and musical style.

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Our role in bringing this music video to life began with building a custom 3D environment that matched the Mario Kingdom. The first step in building a realistic 3D environment is to research and gather reference material which is easy to do considering the vast amount of Super Mario games and concept art in existence. Once we had the vision of what we wanted the 3D world to look like in our levels we began creating the 3D models using Unreal Engine and 3Ds Max for the ocean. Once our 3D environment was perfected we then tracked and composited the world into the windows that you see throughout the video. Tracking involves analyzing footage to identify points of reference, known as tracking markers or tracking points. Tracking software then tracks the movement of these points over time, creating a digital representation of the camera's movement. This data was then used to integrate the 3D environment into the green screen that was originally used in filming, making the environment appear as if it were always part of the original footage.

Along with the 3D environment seen outside of the windows and room, we also created the 3D peach using the programs Blender and Nuke. We composited the 3D peach into the shot to look as if Jack Black threw it directly into the camera as the shot transitions onto the next.

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