VIDA Season 3 Promo

Client: @starz @vida_starz

Prod Co:  @3star_productions

Director: @rjgoni

VFX & Color: @scissorfilms

Starring: @melissabarreram. @mishelprada

VIDA Season 3 Promo

Case Study


We helped to create a promotional video for the final season of the STARZ show “Vida” which aired in 2020. Since the show takes place in East LA, we wanted the graphics to be reminiscent of the city, and relevant to the main characters. To achieve this and bring our client’s vision to life, we combined multiple techniques including set extensions, animations, and compositing throughout our VFX work.

Set Extension

Firstly, we shot the live-action footage on a physical set with a sidewalk connected to a  green screen. We wanted to give the illusion of our main characters walking down their neighborhood street while vibrant graphics and animations pop up behind them on a brick wall. To accomplish this we first used set extensions, which is the process of extending a physical set or location using digital effects. Since we already had the concrete sidewalks, set extension allowed us to enhance the existing physical set and bring the brick wall to life with vibrant colors and intricate details that would have been difficult or impossible to achieve without VFX.


As Melissa and Mishel begin walking down the street their presence stimulates the appearance of animations we had created in the form of watercolors, graffiti, murals, paintings, moving graphics, butterflies, maps, and other motifs.


Compositing was the final step we took in order to tie all of the VFX together. It is the process of combining multiple visual elements, such as live-action footage, 3D models, and digital effects, into a single image or sequence. During compositing, each element is carefully layered on top of one another using specialized software. We then adjusted various properties such as color grading, lighting, and shadows to ensure that everything blends seamlessly together.

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VFX Breakdown