TEKKEN 8 – “Story So Far" with Brian Cox

Client: Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc.

Agency: Create Advertising Group

Production: Scissor Films & Watchmakers Entertainment

TEKKEN 8 feat. Brian Cox

Case Study

In a creative collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment America, Create Advertising Group, and Watchmakers Entertainment, our Scissor Films team strived to produce a memorable Tekken 8 trailer. The goal was to bring the iconic game landscapes to life, tell compelling stories, and build anticipation among the devoted Tekken fanbase.

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Pre-Production: Crafting Virtual Worlds in Unreal Engine

The project commenced with a meticulous previsualization phase, utilizing Unreal Engine to recreate Tekken's renowned landscapes, including Fire & Brimstone, Precipice of Fate, Mishima Dojo, and an additional LED stage level. The primary objective was to faithfully replicate these levels from the source material, ensuring a seamless blend of visual narrative and gameplay elements.

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Technical Setup and Calibration:

A dedicated tech day was devoted to setting up our XR stage in Burbank, California. This involved bringing in essential equipment such as cranes, teleprompters, and cameras. Calibration of the stage was a crucial step to guarantee optimal tracking and scene optimization, laying the foundation for a technically sound production.

 Pre-Lighting for Realism and Efficiency:

A pre-light day played a pivotal role in achieving a realistic on-stage appearance. Testing various lighting setups for different scenarios not only saved valuable shoot time but also allowed for real-time adjustments to the script and sequencing. This meticulous approach ensured a visually satisfying outcome that aligned with client expectations.

The Day Of The Shoot:  

The shoot day saw the convergence of representatives from Bandai Namco Entertainment America, Create Advertising Group, Scissor Films, and Watchmakers Entertainment. Legendary talent Brian Cox was part of the production, coming off the final season of the renowned Emmy award winning HBO drama Succession. The casting of Brian Cox to tell the history of the father and son quarrels of the Mishima family in their power struggles to gain control over the family’s conglomerate mirrored Cox’s role as Logan Roy, in which he also went through various power struggles with his children over who would take over his powerful media conglomerate.

A final rehearsal with stand-ins ensured precise lighting and talent marks, contributing to a seamless and technically flawless shoot. Brian Cox’s talent was palpable throughout the entire shoot as his distinct voice and his Shakespearean background translated perfectly on camera. 

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Virtual Production's Creative Importance:

Virtual Production technology played a central role in fostering a collaborative environment. Our clients could view the evolving visual narrative in real-time, providing instant feedback and making informed decisions during the shoot that our team was able to tweak and perfect in the moment, rather than having to rely on post production fixes. This dynamic collaboration not only streamlined the production process but also ensured the creative vision aligned with client expectations.