Snapchat - Good Luck America with Peter Hamby (2022 Midterms)

Good Luck America is a Snapchat original series, hosted by Peter Hamby, that dives into US politics, giving up to date coverage to millions of viewers. For the 2022 elections Scissor Films did its first live virtual production for GLA’s coverage of the event.

Director: Charles Bay

Virtual Prod Director: Joe Grayem 

EP: Sam Malko 

Line Producer: 

Virtual production Coord. Tyler Mammoser

A cam Dylan O'donnovan

B cam Phil Litvin

1 AC: Cody Stauffer 

Sound: Riley Zagon

Teleprompter: Nate Lowrie

Set PA: Alex Cohen

Snapchat - Good Luck America with Peter Hamby (2022 Midterms)

Case Study


For the 2022 November Elections, Scissor Films worked with Snapchat to do a 3-day live coverage of the election for one of Snapchat’s most widely viewed original shows, Good Luck America. 

We created a custom 3D environment where GLA host Peter Hamby took the stage to give election news updates that were then quickly edited with other mixed media and footage of the event to be posted on Snapchat within minutes. Our virtual production stage gave us the ability to bypass the long process of compositing and client reviews by bringing that post-process into the production stage. During our shoot we were able to effectively pump out content as quickly as the news cycle churns, keeping up to date with today’s current events.

First stage was the pre-visuatlization stage in which we worked with Good Luck America creative director, Charles Bay, to build a virtual newsroom for our GLA host. Within a couple days, our Scissor Films Virtual Production team built a custom 3D environment in Unreal Engine. 

This shoot presented special challenges with going live as soon as possible to stay on top of the election as soon as the events unfolded. Over the years, Scissor Films has built a relationship with Snapchat as we continue to push technology and bring our clients into all aspects of creating and delivering content to millions of viewers. 

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