Maserati MC20 Notte. Race the Night

Client: @davidbeckham @maserati

Director: @racingcowboys

Agency: @studio99RC

Producer: @taylorbuzbeeDP: @mazmakhani_dp

Post: @harborpictureco

Creative Director: Nicolai Iuul

Editor: @nate___cali

Color: @billy_hobson_

color @philipplitvin @scissorfilms

VFX: @incredibalexAdditional

VFX: @scissorfilms

EP: @grimreeberMusic: @inthegroovemusicSound Mix: @bozz1sound

Maserati MC20 Notte. Race the Night

Case Study

We were excited to collaborate again with Maserati and Racing Cowboys on the latest Maserati MC20 Notte campaign, featuring David Beckham and Andrea Bertolini. The VFX work we contributed included sign clean-up, 3D matte painting, carbon fiber, and color grading.

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Our first step was removing the signage that was present in the original shot. To remove the sign while ensuring the shot remained seamless, we used the techniques of rotoscoping, tracking, match moving, and compositing.

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The clients anticipated that the next request for 3D painting would be extremely difficult to complete within their timeline. We were able to deliver their desired results of turning the glossy exterior of the MC20 into a sleek matte finish whilst also adding carbon fiber to the exterior as well. The clients were pleased with our ability to transform the car exterior while keeping a hyper realistic look to it.

For a separate Maserati MC20 Notte spot, the client requested color grading to enhance the look of the MC20 and the mood of the shots. Following the director's vision, we desaturated the scene to enhance the gold and red of the vehicle and the environment surrounding it, since these colors are most often affiliated with the Maserati brand while also bringing a luxurious atmosphere to the spot.

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VFX Breakdown