Maserati MC20 for David Beckham

Director: Racing Cowboys, @racingcowboys Producer: Taylor Buzbee, @taylorbuzbee

Producer: Benjamin Del Guercio, @benmakesmovies  

Precision Driver: Samuel Hubinette @samuel_hubinette

VFX: @scissorfilms

VFX Producer: @samalko

Maserati MC20 for David Beckham - A Love letter to Miami

Case Study


We were thrilled to join forces with Maserati and David Beckham to help bring the creative vision for their commercial to life. Working alongside these two world-renowned icons was a dream come true, and we knew that together, we could create something truly special. Our team was passionate about the project and was dedicated to creating a commercial that captured both Maserati's power and sophistication as well as Beckham's iconic style. The vision included David Beckham speeding through the city at night as he whips around corners effortlessly, showcasing the agility of both driver and sports car. We were able to expand upon the vision by focusing on improving the lighting, backdrop, and visual effects to help increase the overall quality of the commercial.

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3D Light replacement

With the 3D light replacement, we were able to change the lighting to a vibrant purple on both the city lights.  background as well as  David Beckham and the Maserati. The vibrancy of the light change sets the mood of the commercial and helps the car stand out against the normal lighting of the city landscape. We specifically chose the color to match  David’s team colors, a subtle detail that ties everything together.

Building Cleanup

For the shots of the city buildings, we were able to clean up any imperfections and unwanted objects to provide the clearest and most aesthetically pleasing landscape. Building clean-u helped to ensure a cohesive vision throughout the commercial which can be hard when shooting cities, especially at night.

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Trident Logo

Along with the building clean-up, we were able to go in and craft Maserati’s trident logo seamlessly into our wide shots of the city onto a skyscraper. Its placement being the only logo on the city skyline at night draws your eye in, but still fits naturally into its surroundings.

3D Signage and Clean up

Our cleanup further continued from the city lights down to the city streets. Our 3D signage included adding street names, and Maserati banners, and improving the quality of the buildings on the street. This helped to further customize the video and create brand recognition throughout the commercial.

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VFX Breakdown