Justin Bieber - Honest ft. Don Toliver

This music video was a cool collaboration between Bieber and Don Toliver where we follow them through winter, snowy locations on Jet skis, massive cabin, and into a shootout. It was a combination of on-location and blue screen sets, which means we were tasked with matching our CG environments to the practical locations. We created hot cocoa splashing simulations, snow and blizzard simulations, as well as composited fire, muzzle flashes, and blood! We handled the on-set vfx supervision, all of the visual effects, and coloring of this video.

Directed by @_colebennett_

Post: @scissorfilms

Post EP: @samalko

VFX Producer: @ashlyndesroches

Colorist: @Aleks.color

DP: @tjr_randall  @b.a.cinema

VFX & Color: Scissor Films

Steadicam: @renardcheren 

1st AC: Lauren Peele & @majd_m

1st AD: Kelo_of_dopeness

Justin Bieber - Honest ft. Don Toliver

Case Study


The main goal, for us, in this project was to make our CG look just like the practical locations we shot in. With the environments built out in Unreal Engine, and the close up sceneries textured in 3ds Max, we were able to accomplish this. We added snow blowing passed Bieber and Toliver in the jet ski scenes, flakes of snow into the girls’ hair behind them, and environment reflections into their goggles - all to add to the realism.

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The combination of these carefully crafted visuals and effects worked harmoniously to create an impactful atmosphere that emphasizes Bieber's emotional vulnerability throughout the track. Director, Cole Bennett, wanted to make sure this was properly expressed, so our team made it happen.

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VFX Breakdown