Jellysmack is a cutting-edge media agency redefining the way brands communicate and reach their audiences. Its products enable clients to create engaging content quickly and efficiently. They were looking to make an impact on today’s digital landscape and reached out to us to run the visual effects on their 2022 campaign. We teamed up with the director duo, Pleasurecraft, and pieced together unique, and visually stunning effects that brought their concepts to life.

Director duo  

Post: @scissorfilms  

Post Producer: @ashlyndesroches  

Post Ep: @samalko  

Colorist: @thecamerajesus


Case Study


Pleasurecraft presented us with one of the most interesting pitch decks we had seen, with every style of reference imaginable. The ideas were one of a kind, and we were tasked with figuring out the best way to realize them with our effects and color. The campaign featured influencers like Niki & Gabi, and Patrick Starr who were each placed in their own CG environments. This project  was wall-to-wall VFX .- we created effects actor multiplication / replication, reflective confetti and bubble simulations, with roto and compositing in every scene.

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For the main introduction, we created a 3D prismatic crystal display of the Jellysmack logo. It took nearly 40 versions to perfect what we seamlessly pass through into a kaleidoscopic world- and that was just the beginning. This project was unlike any others, as the effects created felt surreal yet realistic at the same time, further emphasizing Jellysmack's emphasis on creating a totally unique experience for viewers

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VFX Breakdown


This was a great project in collaboration with vfx-director duo

Agency: @ghostrobot @jellysmack

Dp: @lidia__nikonova

Volumetric: @metastage