Honda Prologue

Director:  Joe Grayem

Creative Director: Sergio Mishchenko

VFX: Sergio Mishchenko and Scissor Films

Executive Producer: Sam Malko

Editorial: Philipp Litvin

Honda Prologue

Case Study

Since the current market for electric vehicles is highly saturated, it is imperative for car commercials to stand out from the masses in a memorable way. Since this will be Honda’s first fully electric car, the subliminal messaging in this spot positions the 2024 Honda Prologue as the beginning of a new era, the first beam of light emerging from the darkness.

This spot's earthly beauty is not just surface level, it represents a change for ordinary consumers wanting to take personal action against climate change in their everyday lives. It’s the beginning of a new age where Honda consumers can experience the practicality and attainable luxury that has kept them loyal to the Honda brand, while staying at the forefront of automotive and environmental  innovation. They can step out of the darkness of rising gas prices and into the light of a new future for the earth, while maintaining the comforts of their tried and true vehicle.

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Sergio Mishchenko, the creative director of this spot, approached the execution through a poetic and cinematic lens. Which differentiates it from most modern car spots in the American market that focus on bright graphics and family dynamics. We are acutely aware of how the car advertising markets vary depending on the region of the world. What sells in the United States might not always sell in Asian or Latin markets, which is why we designed a concept with global appeal and visuals that will resonate with people from all walks of life.

The definition of “Prologue” according to Merriam Webster is “an introductory or preceding event or development” which is encapsulated on a grand scale in our spot.

Through our vision we were able to compose a car spot that will be visually and thematically appealing to a wide demographic while staying true to the brand identity. A spot that will make consumers think twice before hitting “skip ad” on youtube, one that will make them shift their attention from their phone screens to the cinematic display on their television screens.

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The approach in producing this spot was different from the traditional industry pipeline of creating automotive spots, in that every step of our production and creation was done concurrently. Meaning that 3D, comping, cuts, and grading were done simultaneously with back and forth testing to ensure that each shot was up to standards before continuing on.

This approach proved to be very efficient in not only timing but with quality control.

The difference in the approach is that it is typically customary to do all the 3d, comping, dynamics, editorials, and color separately before putting them all together. Whereas our approach is to perfect every aspect along the way to ensure the overall product fits the vision and quality standards without having to go back and forth to make adjustments after the fact.

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We hope our work in this spot is as exciting to watch as it was to create. We resonate strongly with the Honda brand values of expanding people’s dreams and potentials on a global scale. We believe our spot for the 2024 Honda Prologue aligns with Honda’s 2030 Vision, as a reminder to people that we are all in this together on the Earth we cohabitate. Technological advancements that help the earth, in turn help all those who live on it.