The 2023 Honda Civic Type-R

Scissor Films collaborated together with Porch House Production to create 6 epic commercials for the all new 2023 Honda Civic Type R. Scissor Films oversaw the pre-visualization and on set VFX supervising all while providing editing and visual effects that brought this commercial to life!

Directed by Andrew Schneider
Post: @scissorfilms
Post Ep: @samalko
Editor: @philipplitvin
VFX Producer: @philipplitvin

The 2023 Honda Civic Type-R

Case Study


Porch House presented an innovative concept for the all new Honda Type R, which referenced fast-paced editing and TikTok trends of items collecting themselves. With no prior references on how to execute this with a car, our team explored pre-visualization through VFX shots to gain further insight into what would be needed pathway-wise when executing the clients and directors vision. After a few creative sessions with Andrew (the director), we were able to perfectly recreate his visualization in the shot that finally came together!

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FPV Drone VFX Shot

The team encountered unique obstacles with each VFX shot. The FVP shot in particular was especially difficult given its super wide lens angle and high speed movements; it required us to use multiple programs to correctly track the environment and 3d cars to eventually stitch together into one seemless sequence.

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Time Freeze VFX Shot

Working with Andrew, we figured out the best way to freeze the car in time and to allow the camera to showcase the car's features before taking off again collecting into itself. In order to pull this off we film the car at 120 frames per second while the car is driving at 10 mph. We had the driver stop the car at a specific spot to allow the camera to pan from the front of the car to the rear. We then que the driver to take off in realtime. Shooting at a higher frame rate and slowing the physical speed of the car gave us a lot of flexibility with editing and visual effects to make this work. After working our magic we believe we created a unique and engaging shot.

Interior Flyback

The interior flyback shot poses unique challenges, it involved seamlessly stitching together two shots that needed to seamlessly transition. From the thrilling experience in the car as the drive quickly shifted through the gears to then flying out of the rear window revealing the race track as the Type R collected into itself.

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All Credits

Post: @scissorfilms

POST EP: @samalko

On set VFX Sup: @philipplitvin

Editor: @philipplitvin

VFX Producer: @philipplitvin

Director: @schneider_photo

Production co:

Agency: @rpa_advertising

EP: @autterpops

Head of Production: Tyler Sgueglia

PM: Jessica Munroe

Commercial Coordinator: Nour Nour

AD: Jeremy Robinson

Producer: @lauren_andrade__VP/ Creative Director: Sarah May Bates

DP: @paultheodoroff

1AC: @cote_cam

2AC: Scott O’Neil

Grip: Marc Polanski