Giveon - Lie Again

Set in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, the “Lie Again” music video by Giveon has already surpassed 12 million views on youtube and it's not hard to see why. The video is filmed using just one shot as we follow Giveon walking down the streets cinematically until he reaches the middle of an intersection to perform under the dazzling street lights as the city around him comes to life in a burst of colors. The warmth and intensity of the orange and purple explosive projections help make his already soulful performance even more impactful.

Director: @adrian.martinez

VFX: @scissorfilmsPost EP /

On Set VFX Sup: @samalko

VFX Producer: @ashlyndesroches

Executive Producer: @kevin.henry

Executive Producer: @kpadrenol

Production Manager: @mikeyerrante

Production Coordinator: @christinaaalba

Production Co:

Giveon - Lie Again

Case Study


This project was unique in many ways, and since it was a one shot performance, everything needed to be consistent and perfect. Our main goal was to give the illusion that the visual effects used during his performance were practical projections that displayed across the city scape. To accomplish this, we had to hand track thousands of frames of footage while also mapping out every square inch of the landscape, down to the inset window sills on the commercial and residential high rise buildings. It was necessary for us to recreate the scene, or else the visuals would have felt flat and rendered unrealistic.

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Our recreation of the city scape also allowed us to clean up any buildings that needed retouching, add in 3D signage and 3D cars where needed, clean up any shadows from the cameras, rebuild any part of the environment that required it, and include 3D light poles rotomation. We created the simulation of glowing orange and purple that is seen spreading across the buildings and under Giveon. The depth and attention to detail was a key component in ensuring the realism of the video so that it could match the feeling of the song and the emotion of Giveon’s performance. 

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VFX Breakdown


VFX: @scissorfilms

Post EP / On Set VFX Sup: @samalko

VFX Producer: @ashlyndesroches

Director: @adrian.martinez

Executive Producer: @kevin.henry

Executive Producer: @kpadrenol

Production Manager: @mikeyerrante

Production Coordinator: @christinaaalba

Production Co:

1st AD: @mreconiglio

2nd AD (Day Team): @josephine_lewis

2nd AD: @santosliz_

2nd 2nd AD: @arisray.ig

DP: @andrewamine

1st AC: @theosturz

2nd AC: @inspector.padgett

Crane Tech: @dre1984

Electric Base Tech: @mayhouse

Matrix Tech: @douglasmccormick

VTR: Ignacio

DIT: Joe Hedge

VFX: @samalko @scissorfilms

BTS: @Cincojohnson

BTS: @_justinsanchez_

BTS: Bayo Morgan

Sound: @jeremyjung


CLT: @damnhumble

ACLT: @haydenklemes

SLT: @michaelroseman.cine

SLT: @link.webb

SLT: @nick_weiry

Programmer: @chris.van.lieshout


CLT: @waldoswaldonts

ACLT: @student_loans_sucks

SLT: Danny Vincent

SLT: Cory Conner

SLT: @brockkingsland

STL: Robert Connor

GRIP - Night

Key Grip:@ez_grip_company

BBG: @donavanclarkdirector

Grip: Taylor Strachan

Grip: Yobani Matute

Grip: @jacob.senn.unitry

Grip: Taylor Stratchan

Grip: Connor Savage

Dolly Grip:@sodapopfranchot

GRIP - Day

Key Grip: Steve Alessi

BBG: Jason W

Grip: Tommy Johnson

Grip: austinj681

Grip: @josephzastawny

Stunt Coordinator: Charlie Grisham

Stunt Driver: @sammymaloof, Daniel Levit, Lane Levit, Dave Kilde

Precision Drivers: @meghanmaloof, @hotrodhannah777, @kaitlynmaloof

Female Lead: @naomisimoneb

Male Lead: @whogocounty

Head of Production (Giveon): Gina Herrell

Giveon Management: EK & Simon Gebrelul

Giveon Stylist: Yashua Simmons

Giveon Groomer: Esther Foster


Security: @gahtdamnjohnny, @selfmadeced, @z.aire_._ & LAPD

CCO: @kimawaywithme

Key PA: @emlavengood & @arisray.ig

PA: @sherry_cause_i_can, @_neeque, @nathanbatress, @jannaatiya, @radamiz, Gary Simon, Brandon Ellis