Life is the Luxury | EQUINOX

It was a great honor to work on Equinox 2022 global campaign. The project was very ambitious and challenging but right up our alley. All of the films were shot on location. Our VFX work had to be seamlessly integrated to give all the films a natural look. Every CG element and compositing was detailed out with great attention in order to blend with the live action footage.

Creative Director: Will Mayer

Film Director: @emmmanuelcossu

Post: @scissorfilms

VFX producer: @philipplitvin

On-Set Supervisor: @samalko  

Production Co.

Producer: @brigittebishop

DP: @jakescottdp

Editor: @nickrondeau

Colorist: @color.with.primary

Life is the Luxury | EQUINOX

Case Study


Other projects we have worked on VFX often led the visuals but for this campaign VFX was the support to the visual. It almost feels as if there were no VFX used for this commercial and it's something we're proud of. The VFX approach to this campaign was to add natural elements that enhanced the beautiful visuals and to clean up some of the set to really bring this campaign to life. The natural elements we worked on were dust, fire, and fog. We also did some environmental replacements and clean up that really brought this project to life.

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The fire shot was especially challenging due to the practical fire ring and wires we had to clean up along with adding simulated fire that needed to look natural. The floor cracks in these shots made it very difficult to simply remove and set props because of the patterns in the cracks and also lighting changes due to the practical fire interacting with the environment. After meticulous detail needed to successfully remove the props, we brought in 3D simulated fire into the shots that match the practical lighting, angles, and the movement of the actor. The final outcome was an epic inferno shot that is truly captivating.

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The goal of the dust shot was to create a dust storm around the actor. On the set, they had a large fan above the actor that would be blowing on the ground to bring the natural dust into motion. Unfortunately, it wasn't creating enough dust and our task was to increase the dust around the subject in a natural way. We work with our internal team and decided to use the movement of the practical dust to be a reference to how our VFX dust should look and flow. We then worked with our team on various options to present to the director how the dust will interact with the actor and landed on a subtle but epic effect.

For the environment replacement shots we added a physical ground and angled it to give it an illusion that the actor is standing parallel to the ground. We also needed to stretch the rocks on the shot so that it felt vast. On the floating shot we did wire and environmental clean up and along with adding subtle fog.

The end product was a success and left the client very happy. Hats off to everyone who was part of this project and made this happen. 

Please check out our VFX breakdown video below.

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VFX Breakdown