ARMORED CORE VI | Behind The Scenes

Client: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Director: Joe Grayem

Advertising Agency: Create

Virtual Production: Scissor Films

Level Design: Petrol

Host: Linda Le “Vamybitme”

Lore Expert: “VaatiVidya”

Guest Streamer: “Oroboro”

Guest Streamer: “FightinCowboy”

Guest Commentator: Ian “ZNoteDrums”

AC Legacy Player : Cleric “Cleric Armored Core”

AC Legacy Player: Cheng “ZeFromCheng”

Case Study

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon is the newest installment of the game series developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The internationally live-streamed Armored Core VI Showcase was shot in real-time on a state-of-the-art XR stage, It immersed viewers in the action by providing a thrilling player perspective during intense player-versus-player (PvP) encounters while also including guest appearances. This collaborative process with Scissor Films, Bandai Namco, Petrol Advertising, and Create Advertising captivated over a hundred thousand live viewers. For those who couldn't catch the live stream, the excitement continues to surge, as the event is now available for viewing on YouTube and Twitch. Together, these platforms have already amassed over one million views.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon is a return to the franchise after over a decade, and to present the game to players new and old, Bandai Namco looked to showcase the game utilizing virtual production’s real-time technology to live stream to millions. In preparation for the live event, virtual levels were produced, all the necessary graphics were created, and testing of all streams and workflow was completed to ensure a smooth broadcast.

Scissor Films along with Bandai Namco, Create and Petrol Advertising all worked to develop and finalize the creative look for the visuals on the XR stage. Petrol Advertising created levels in Unreal Engine that were then passed to our virtual production team to be optimized and brought into Aximmetry. The Studio Odyssey XR stage was calibrated and tested as the crew prepared for the live event. The most optimal and reliable streaming was put in place to be able to host video calls internally and internationally that were then smoothly broadcast all over the world.

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The opening guest of the showcase was lore expert VaatiVidya, who joined the stream via video call from Australia. This addition introduced an extra layer of complexity that demanded the combined efforts of all teams to ensure a seamless live broadcast. Not only did they have to seamlessly integrate the lore expert into the stream, but they also needed to skillfully switch between various gamer perspectives and their respective audio.

These intricate segments were not limited to guest appearances, but also included additional graphics, trailers, and picture-in-picture moments for all teams to time perfectly in the live stream. Bandai Namco brought on streamers from the Armored Core community to showcase real-time PvP. This facet of the event was particularly demanding, as it required multiple robust PC setups, diverse gaming perspectives, and an in-depth understanding of live broadcasting techniques. It also involved the integration of cutting-edge technology, coupling a live XR environment with real-time capture footage, all while maintaining composure under the pressures of a live stream

In a live broadcast environment, the true challenge lies in the ability to adapt on the fly, knowing that unexpected developments can occur at any moment when the camera goes live. The success of the showcase was a testament to the thorough preparation and extensive practice that preceded it. It allowed the team to seamlessly incorporate last-minute changes, often in response to the dynamic interaction with the live chat on various streaming platforms. With thousands of live viewers pouring their excitement into the chat, the team was ready to put on a successful broadcast all while keeping up with the community to give them a never-before-seen showcase.

This interactive aspect was at the core of the live broadcast's concept. It exemplified the essence of introducing a game to a community, a community that spans both seasoned players and newcomers, all united through the power of real-time connections, regardless of their geographical location. It brought Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon into the spotlight, providing an intimate and immersive look at the game. This approach ensured that both long-standing fans who have eagerly awaited the latest installment in the mech gaming franchise and new gamers, who now consume content through a variety of streamers, communities, and live streaming platforms, could engage with the game like never before. It was a moment of connectivity, bridging the past and the future of Armored Core, and it resonated strongly with the growing gaming community.

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