Arknights Mobile game

Client: @arknights_messenger_official

Agency: @liquidadvertising

Director: @johnfrostt

VFX & Color: @scissorfilms


Case Study

We worked with Arknights, a mobile video game, on creating a memorable promotional video for their initial release. We were able to bring their vision to life through VFX storytelling elements that give the viewers a glimpse into how it feels to play their mobile video game.

To start, we enhanced the coloring throughout the video to make it more visually appealing. We then used screen comp to replace the green screen and feature the game on every shot of the mobile phone, giving the illusion that the talent is actively playing the game throughout the video. We also used an environment window comp throughout the video to make it seem like the stationary bus is in motion.  

We created a 3D cow that is seen hurtling through the sky, first as a window reflection comp from the bus driver’s perspective, and then as a part of the 3D environment that is seen through the bus window by other passengers. This 3D environment was created by us to display an apocalyptic storm atmosphere that is seemingly being controlled by our video gamer as he plays the game. The game is set in a dystopian, apocalyptic setting similar to the one we created, further tying in the VFX elements to the games storyline.

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To further show how engrossed our player is in the video game, we created 3D floating elements that were tracked to the environment such as a spilling drink, wallets flying around, and other little items being catapulted across the shaking bus and over his head. Using 3D floating elements makes filming much simpler in comparison to using practical effects, which would require multiple reshoots to get the right shot.

Just as we had created the chaotic stormy environment the bus is seen traveling through, we then created the bright and sunny atmosphere as a contrast to show when our player had won the game. This was created using the same environment window comp effect, and continued to display the bus in motion, but is now seen moving through much calmer weather. These effects helped convey to viewers that when playing Arknights you will be fully absorbed into the world within the game, that is now under your control.

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VFX Breakdown